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Information from Scientists: Mercury + Bluefin Tuna + Coal Power Plants

  • Suggested by Dr. Arik Diamant, Scientist, National Center for Mariculture, Eilat, Israel

  • Suggested by Dr. Bill Koven and Dr. Amos Tandler, Scientists National Center for Mariculture, Eilat, Israel  – tuna

  • “The End of the Line”; a Canadian documentary
  • “No Safe Place”; a book about Minamata disease
  • Suggested by Dr. Nurit Kress, Scientist/Chemist, Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research LTD. in Hafia – a source for articles on environmental issues.  – “Transition Metals in MA”– Science Vol. 281, 10 July 1998, Page 207.  Mercury (Hg) is a transition metal on the Periodic Table. It has a liquid boiling point of 357 degrees centigrade.

  • “Mercury – this is the Problem”, by Marion Boros, New York Times – 2008.
  • Dr. Daniel Obrist, Scientist, Desert Research Institute, Reno, Neva – research in Dead Sea; mercury and bromine


Information from the U.S. Government

  • US Government Websites:

  • President Obama on Mercury :

  • Environmental Protection Agency Blog Post:


Coal Power Plants – From Wikipedia, the free  encyclopedia – Coal Fueled Power Plants – Existing  U.S. Coal Plants – Source: ALEC Exposed – Sierra Club

  • Great website with map of coal plants. Click on skull and the community comes up ie Crystal River Florida – Progress Energy – Coal why It’s dirty


The Monterey Bay Aquarium  – more on Seafood Watch  – more on Bluefin Tuna


The Bluefin/Related Videos – youtube – swim with Southern Bluefin Tuna

  • Close Up Tuna Tours, Port Lincoln give tourists the action packed experience of swimming with and hand feeding the mighty Southern Bluefin Tuna. Those who’d rather remain dry descend in to the underwater viewing tunnel for a fish – eye view of the undersea world! – youtube – Bluefin Tuna Egg to larvae

  • This is the first attempt at capturing a time lapse sequence of the development of a Southern Bluefin Tuna egg, spawned at the Cleanseas Tuna Ltd hatchery at Arno Bay, Australia. Early cell division from the 2 cell stage onwards can be clearly seen. Several embryonic stages were captured including the first signs of “twitching” inside the egg. Subsequent attempts will aim to improve the fluidity of the time lapse by increasing the frame capture frequency. For more information about tuna propagation go to: – youtube – National Geographic  – Exploring the Mediterranean

  • The Mediterranean sea bed holds treasures from thousands of years of trade across its waters. Among the scattered shipwrecks, divers can also find rich coral reefs full of natural wonders, as well as the racing Bluefin Tuna. – youtube – National Geographic – Catching Giant Tuna

  • No man can hand-fish blue fin tuna alone, meet the men who capture the giant fish using what they call the “chamber of death”. – youtube- Tuna in Japan Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Huge bluefin tuna in japan being cleaned and portioned out for preparation of sushi. – Behind the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna Trade – Pew

  • Mind the Gap, an analysis of worldwide trade in Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna, shows a significant gap in the trade of Bluefin Tuna, compared to what can be caught legally every year. In 2008, the gap between the trade and quota was 31 percent. By 2010, that gap grew to 141 percent. But solutions exist. Pew is calling for an electronic catch documentation system to replace the current paper system, to allow for better tracking and mo – youtube –  Bluefin- Casualties of Greed – political commentary on UN vote on controlling fishing bluefin

  • A discussion with Bernard Poolman, regarding: The United Nations’ Involvement in Bluefin Tuna, and a brief commentary by Randy Krafft. – youtube –  Shocking: The story of Bluefin Tuna

  • Short animation video about one of the most endangered species of our planet: the Bluefin tuna. This video gives you the whole story of the Bluefin, with lots of detailed information and some shocking facts.  – more on Bluefin Tuna


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